PSA - Postage Increase

Apparently, I've been living under a rock. I think that sometime back I heard that postage rates would increase this spring, but figured I'd hear more about it later. I was just over at the US Postal Service site and discovered that first class postage on a 1-ounce or lighter envelope went up to 42 cents.

On May 12th.

A full THIRTEEN days ago.

Where was I?!?

While not a lot, I have mailed some things in that time. Will they be delivered? Will I get them back weeks later for lack of postage? Will our landlords think we're shirking our rent payment duties? Good grief.

Maybe the one other person on the planet who was unaware of this will read my blog and feel better informed. Maybe that person won't make the mistake of sending mail with the insufficient postage (hope they don't start charging NSF fees for postage blunders). If not, the rest of you can just chuckle as you witness yet another episode in the Dork Jeans series. Ha! Ha!


Robert said...

No, I'm not just trying to make you feel better here. I had NO clue either. Fortunately I just paid bills online though. Whew!

Cyndy said...

I was caught off gaurd by it too. If I hadn't been in Costco when they were pushing some "forever" stamps I wouldn't have known anything about it!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Robert - I mostly pay online, but there are a couple that I mail.

Cyndy - Why did they keep it such a secret this time around? Usually it seems there's a lot more publicity.

Oh well, as long as my mail doesn't come back to me! :D Fortunately, I do have some Forever Stamps as welll. I need to get a few more of those to save for future use.

Anonymous said...

LOL! OH dear.... well, I heard that it went up, but, I don't know if it was on THE day. :D

And thank you for your comments on my blog. Adding fresh berries to lemonade might work! I'd have to try it. :D


Angela DeRossett said...

And it's supposed to go up again! Unreal!

Anonymous said...

Apparently you were at the same place I was, but I have no earthly excuse....I ship stuff everyday. I'm a dork of epic proportions.

Anonymous said...

You are not alone! I had no clue!!!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL - I went and bought stamps yesterday.

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