Sack Lunches, Lighter Plate, the House Hunt

We're heading to a local ranch to see bird banding tomorrow with another homeschool family. It's about an hour out of town and we're to bring sack lunches. I picked up some sack lunch food supplies while at the store this evening, came home, and began preparing lunches for the boys and me.

What I really wanted to do was watch last week's episode of Lost online. We're behind, after all, and need to be up to date before Thursday night. Priorities, peeps.

But that was when I realized how grateful I am to NOT have to prepare school lunches on a regular basis. I see this as just one of many, many, many benefits of homeschool. Granted, this isn't some huge, earth-shattering issue. But sometimes you just have to be happy about the little things in life.

I didn't get our lunches completely done, but the majority of it's taken care of. Since we have to be out the door earlier than my boys normally get out of bed, every little bit helps. Of course, if it rains or we have high winds, the trip will be cancelled anyway. I guess if that happens, lunch is already planned. Bonus.


For the past six months, I've been the treasurer for our Boy Scout troop. It wasn't exactly a position I jumped up to accept, but someone had to do it, and apparently, I'm a someone. Who knew? Anywho, the boys are really not interested in continuing with Scouts at this point. As much as we really want them to stay involved, we are letting them take a break for now. We'll probably try and get them going again, but with a different unit. Since they won't be in the troop any longer, it was time for me to move along from my position as treasurer. So my replacement came over today and I happily handed off the files, the checkbook, the petty cash, and all the other treasurer paraphernalia. Woo hoo! One less responsibility on my full plate!


The house hunt has been moving along rather slowly. We finally had a couple of houses to look at last Friday, though. We looked at one that was nice, but not quite "the one." The next is in a neighborhood where we'd really like to live, AND it's across the street from one of my best friends (Whose kids are great friends with my kids - they have been nearly their entire lives. She's also a homeschool mom. And we've been friends for YEARS!).

We made an offer on Saturday for the second house. It's owned by a bank and they have three offers (including ours), so we're waiting to hear what direction that goes. Hopefully we hear something soon. It would be sooooooooooo awesome to live across the street from our friends!


I guess that's the big stuff going on. Certainly there's more, but at least there's somewhat of an update. I kind of noticed that I only post photos and very little words of late. Hmm . . . lazy . . . busy . . . habit . . . don't know. It is what it is, I suppose.


Michele Moore said...

Last year when I found myself preparing sack lunches for VBS I realized we had no lunch boxes and all the other kids did. We are not normally a keep up with the Jones's kind of group, but I think as homeschoolers you sometimes have to take a little extra care to make sure your kids are not the oddball. Let me tell you finding kid sized lunch boxes in early June was not easy. The people at Walmart thought I was nuts. Like you I thought, wow, thank goodness I am blessed not to do this all the time. :)

Good luck with the house hunt. We are going through the NACA mortgage program and should be seriously making some decisions in the next few months. Of course we already know (sort of) what we want :)

Dwayne had us drive by the lot we would like to see if it was still open. It is, but it is like checking up on God's plan a bit and makes me laugh. Because we will end up in the best place for us and you just never know what God has up His sleeve.

Have a great week!


Cyndy said...

Just remember a picture is worth a thousand words...so really you have been quite prolific!

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