Shop Class & Green Sunshine

Hubby was off this past Monday and has been wanting to start teaching the boys "shop" classes. He has an engine stand with teeny little wheels that don't roll well, which he has wanted to replace for some time and decided this would be a good homeschool project. So the boys got all suited up (extra work shirts and goggles) to spend some garage time with Dad.

After removing the little pathetic wheels, they got to use a cutting torch, the grinder, and the welder. Naturally, I had to head out and take some pix.

While I was out there, Clay Guy mentioned that the sun is green when you look through the welding helmet. As I was checking that out, it occurred to me that this might make for a cool photo. After all, the camera was right there in my hand.

So this was the first shot, where I held the camera inside the welding helmet to get a picture of the green sun. However, I had it back so far from the face shield, that inside the helmet reflected me and the camera. But it still took a picture of the sun through the shield. Pretty strange and interesting shot.

For the second shot, I held the camera much closer to the shield so I could get just the sun. Although if you look closely, you can see the trees in the lower part of the picture.

Of all the commenters, there was one who got it right. Funny thing is that she kind of laughed it off, like I think she felt she was taking a wild guess. Sometimes those wild guesses are spot on!


Robert said...

Oh, you wanted a serious guess? Oooops. I guess alien and UFO weren't quite on the money. I'll know better for next time.

Gabriel said...

Hey, you made it to my Top 10 for the month of April (Here is the post).

Sprittibee said...

Did you see the HSBA photo post today? Dawn finds the best links! I'm loving this new camera.

Dianne said...

it is weird to hop over here and see my name, spelled like i spell it - on your posts! great pictures btw!

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