Help, My Eye's Twitching!

I've noticed over the past few days that my eye is twitching. And it's getting to be more consistent. Not just a little twitch here or there. In fact, as I sit here, cleaning out my overflowing inbox, I realized that it has twitched almost non-stop for the past few hours. A quick web search provided me with the following information:

Why Does My Eye Twitch?
Eye twitches can be triggered by a variety of different factors. Some of the conditions that cause eye twitches are environmental, some are physiological, and some are psychological in nature. Below is a list of some of the more common causes of eye twitch:

  • Fatigue or lack of sleep - Me? Short of sleep? Ha! Ha! Ha! Perish the thought. Or fall asleep during the thought.

  • Over consumption of caffeine - There's no caffeine in a case of Dr Pepper, is there?

  • Physical or emotional stress - Nothing here, nope, not a contract on a house or anything. Still house hunting. Four plus months and three offers later. That's not so stressful, now is it?

  • Anxiety or phobias - Does fear of cleaning toilets count? Maybe a slight side of arachnophobia? What about drop-down attic stair quirks?

  • Brain damage or other neurological disorders - Let's just say it's a good thing someone else isn't answering this twitchy quiz for me!

  • Associated with temper tantrums (especially in children) - Glad they clarified that it's in children!

  • Eye stress associated with extended viewing of the computer screen - You can blog without the computer screen, right?

  • Epilepsy - None of that here.

(Disclaimer: The comments here are purely in jest, other than my twitchy eye. Eye would NEVER make fun of nor mock anyone who has serious issues such as brain damage, neurological disorders, epilepsy, etc.)

Maybe EYE could make a guest appearance on Lost. What do you think?

What does it say about me that EYE keep taking pix of my EYE?

Does that creep you out? EYE mean not that EYE took the photos, but that EYE posted them. Reminds me of awhile back when Carmi had an EYE-related post that was, well, . . . slightly surprising. You can go see for yourself. But don't say EYE didn't warn you.


carrie said...

I finally got some D.P. I feel better now.

But I also bought a scale and let's just say I am appalled at the fact that I have actually GAINED weight since the last time I checked.

I will definitely be limiting myself to one D.P. a day.

Hope your eye gets better.

Kris said...

Hi there - ran across you today (sorry, hope I didn't hurt you) looking for "help my eye twitch" as I've had one for two weeks. Found we have a lot in common. Do you mind if I borrow your GPS saying? LOVE IT! God Bless you bunches. Also in Colorado - Kris (still twitchin')

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Hi Kris - no I didn't even notice being run over. Go figure! Glad you like the GPS phrase. Always nice to meet another Colorado person. Hope your twitching ends soon.

God bless!
Dianne :D

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