A Bonk Cake and a Camera Bag

For those of you who've seen My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding, you'll totally get the story behind this photo:

That was my birthday cake - a lemon bonk cake. It was yummmmmo! We had a delicious Itlaian dinner at Zio's, and then came home for cake and presents. I was blessed with some pretty awesome birthday loot! Here are a few highlights:

Look closely - it's a personalized Starbucks card. That's me, complete with curly hair, sunglasses, camera in one hand, and a seven-pump, light-ice chai in the other! Does my sister know me, or what?

And then there's the killer camera bag from my parents. LOVE it!!

Dark chocolate - nothing more needs to be said.

Not a present, but definitely good for a laugh. It's one of those silly inside jokes, that will likely live on for quite some time. It was written on the table at Zio's.

All in all, it was a great evening.


Sprittibee said...


Beth said...

Happy Birthday! Love the Starbucks card :)


Anonymous said...

Love the Starbucks cards! How cool is that?
Glad you had a great time!
Big Fat Greek Wedding. lol

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday! How did she get that personalized card? How cool!

Love the camera bag (and of course, the chocolate), but I think you should stop taking blue photos now. :-)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Sounds like a great birthday.

Donna Boucher said...

What wonderful cake!!!!

How clever and cute!

Ruthanne said...

LOL! I love that gift card. Hilarious!

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