Holy Smokes - It's 2008!

I've been thinking about what to post today, I mean it really should be something profound or . . . or . . . oh, I don't know, I can't even come up with another adjective for what the post I can't come up with ought to be.

Wow! That's a vague and terrible sentence.

Since I have nothing significant to say, I'm just going to share some other great posts I've come across recently.
  • Sprittibee has a very good post about resolutions.

  • Lori at I Will Take it Lord, All You Have to Give based on a Dr. Seuss quote that is quite, well . . . profound. Dr. Seuss had a knack for that, really. He ought to be quoted more often.

  • The new issue of Christian Women Online looks like it has some great articles. I haven't had a chance to do more than peruse this issue, but I'm excited to sit down and read quite a number of them.

  • And how could my list be complete without something to give you a good laugh? Who else to provide it, except BooMama? Cuz ya' know, she's just so funny, y'all! (That's BooMama-speak for "She's hilarious, everyone!"). It's not a New Year's post, but you must go read her "day-after-Christmas" post. This is the one in which she is too full to live. I'm sure none of you ate that much over the holidays.

Well, I have some writing to do. Hopefully it turns out better than my opening line to this post. Ha! Ha! If not, I'll soon be taking mandatory, early retirement from my writing commitments.

Wishing you a very blessed 2008.

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