No One Told Us

So we ran a couple of important errands after dinner tonight. Like buying a furnace filter (did you know they don't MAKE a 20x22" filter?) and returning overdue library books (oh joy - fines!). All the while, we had absolutely NO idea what day this is.

I even read the newspaper this morning. There was nothing about it. Apparently it's DUPSL* Day. But no one even told us. Glad I was home earlier today. That would've made me absolutely crazy!

*- "Drive Under the Posted Speed Limit" Day

So, did any of you know about this? Or is it just a regional occasion?

Update: They DO make a 20x22" or 22x22" filter after all. I think we need the 22x22" size. Problem is that it's not a standard size you can just purchase at any old hardware or big box store. We'll be calling around tomorrow. Either that, or we have to order online.

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