Soup's On . . . Friday

Since I've been involved in stuff at the HSBA, tending to a son with a sinus infection, and working on Christmas cards, santa stars, and paper stars, I've fairly well neglected the rest of my favorite blogs (sniff, sniff!). But things have quieted down a bit, so I'm off visiting again. Also hoping to get something posted here more than a Wordless Wednesday and one other post per week.

So I'm out socializing perusing and commenting with folks like:

Carrie who graciously shared her most recent find treasure on her archaeological dig from the tub of eighties stuff. If you're feeling like a little time travel back to big hair and tight spandex, go take a look.

Barb who is honest-to-goodness the craft queen of the blogosphere, no make that the world! I could never accomplish so much - my fingers go numb. But I can marvel at her handiwork.

And then . . . I was over seeing what's up at BooMama's place when I discovered that she's hosting . . .

get this . . .

I can hardly wait . . .

for THIS:

It's A Soup-Tacular!

So guess what I'll be doing on Friday? Making soup. Yes indeedy. I'll probably even throw in some homemade garlic breadsticks or cornbread, too (depends upon the soup). Now, if I were Barb or BooMama, I'd actually take step-by-step photos and post them here with a complete tutorial for your viewing and duplicating pleasure. But last I checked, I'm not the craft queen of the world, nor am I just the funniest southern gal around. But I can handle the posting of a recipe.

btw - isn't that BooMama just the cleverest when it comes to making up a motto? "...because it's cold y'all!" You SO rock, BooMama! Thanks for letting me play.

If you need to shake things up in the soup departments (certainly not literally, or it might look a bit like Mom's gravy thickener flying around the kitchen - but that's a story for another day), check out BooMama's Souptacular on Friday!

Oh oh oh . . . I can't believe I nearly forgot! I sauntered out to pick up the mail today and surprise, surprise! I had a book AND a bag of Jelly Bellies! I won them over at A Peek At My Bookshelf, courtesy of sweet Deena. The timing couldn't have been better - I'm fresh out of a novel to read. I not only have a new book, I have Jelly Bellies that I understand are integral to the story. Thanks, Deena!!

1 comment:

carrie said...

Hey I want some of those jelly bellies! And I finally picked up a sister chick book from the library. Now if I can only get off this computer long enough to go read it!

I'm such an addict.

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