Christmas Tree '07

We have intended to get our Christmas tree up . . . oh . . . pretty much ever since the Friday after Thanksgiving. Somehow, though, it just never made its way down from the attic and into our living room.

Yesterday we decided that we'd bypass the tree this year. We would be gone both Friday and Saturday nights, which didn't leave a whole lot of time to appreciate the tree. We'd likely spend more time getting everything out of the attic, putting the tree up, decorating, and then doing it all in reverse a few days later than actually getting to enjoy the tree. Besides, I still have santa stars to work on.

Well, then. Where do we put the presents? The foosball table is against the wall where the tree would go. Maybe we could string some lights and garland on it. Then the presents could go underneath. I'm all for unique, but that just didn't work for me.

So this morning, I got some bulletin board paper out of the garage and hung a big old piece on the wall. Grabbed some green tempera paint and a paintbrush, and voila! We have a Christmas tree! I figured the boys & I could draw/stamp/paint some ornaments and tape them onto the tree. The boys participated . . . long enough to make one or two ornaments . . . and then they left the rest for me.

Sorry about the blurry pix. I was just too lazy to take more.

Z woke up with a cracked tooth, so this symbolizes that.

C made a great little snowglobe complete with a snowman and tree scene.

A couple of stamped ornaments by yours truly.

A little blue snowman made by my friend, Jenny.

Last but not least, one of the paper stars.

The cool thing? This will be the quickest tree to take down after Christmas! Other than a few things to take off and save, the rest can be rolled up and be tossed into the trash recycle bin.


randi said...

Hi there,

This tree will remain in your memories, for sure! I think it is great that you bypassed the regular tree and did something that is less work=less stress! Christmas should be fun!

I noticed on the heart of the matter post that you live about 45 minutes away from me. I won't post the location here in the comments, you can find it in the messages.

Talk with you soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, it might be a better tree than the one you had one year...you know which one I mean! Maybe you should keep it, just in case!


P.S. How does the cat like it?

Anonymous said...

Hey, that works for me! I'm surprise I haven't worked up the guts to do this yet, lazy as I am.

Beth said...

Wow! I love your tree! We had a paper tree last year (we lived in Korea) and this year, again, our living space is just so small we decided to put up a tree on the wall. It's fun to decorate and you're right, super easy to take down. Merry Christmas!


by the way, got your blog off gremlin wrangler.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Randi - guess we'll have to meet one of these days.

Mom - yeah, maybe I'll keep it. The other tree was equally unique, though. Miss Sweetness hasn't even noticed.

Carrie - maybe I should send the tree to you for next year. Of course, you're a pretty awesome artist; you could make a much better tree than me. :D

Thanks, Beth, for dropping by. Sounds like I'm in good company with the paper wall tree. :D

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