Who'd Have Thought?

I am SO excited today because hubby and I went and made a cool purchase. It includes the words "diamond," "sheets," and "twelve." Any guesses what it is?

A Paper Shredder! Woo Hoo!

What does it say about me when I get all jazzed over a paper shredder? Actually, it's not JUST a paper shredder - it also shreds credit cards and CDs. Into tiny little diamond shapes. Up to twelve sheets at a time.

I suppose it's the fact that I've never owned a shredder and the few times I've borrowed one, I never got entirely caught up. So I have accumulated an enormous amount of stuff to shred. I've been looking at them for a few weeks and since it's back-to-school time, there are some awesome sales happening.

So there you go - my big, exciting life. A new paper shredder. LOL!

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