Independence Day

I looked out the window this morning at breakfast and noticed that hubby remembered to put out our flag and I'm grateful.

  • I'm grateful that we can fly our flag

  • I'm grateful for the freedom it represents

  • I'm grateful for the many men and women who gave themselves for this freedom

May we never forget their sacrifice. Freedom isn't free, it's priceless.

See the others I took this morning at my photoblog.


Robert said...

I loved reading this. And I loved seeing our flag. We can't hang our flag here at home today. It broke several months ago in high winds and I never replaced the holder. So I'm glad to see yours flying proudly. :)

SuperAngel said...

AWESOME reminder! Thank you for this!

I wish we had a flagpole. Mama does too. maybe some day. We do have a flag hanging off the porch though.

Thanks for stopping by!

Miss Amanda

Colleen said...

AMEN! That's a lovely picture!

Anonymous said...

This was profound "Freedom isn't free, it's priceless." and more people need to get a clue about it. :) Great post! I love that picture!

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