Food Rut

There comes a time every summer where I fall headlong into the same old annoying dinner meal rut.

I don't want anything we have.
I don't want to eat anything else.
I don't want to eat out.
I don't want to eat at home.
I don't really want to eat.
But I'm hungry and I have a husband and two boys to feed.

We've grilled and grilled and grilled some more.
We've had salads.
We've eaten out.

Blech! This makes me insane. Plus I feel like a terrible wife/mom for doing such a pathetic job of providing meals for my family.

Breakfast isn't such a big deal. All the males in my house eat cereal. I am good at keeping us equipped with milk (most of the time). I eat a Thompson Brothers Mini Cinnamon Swirl bagel toasted with 1/2 tablespoon of whipped butter. Every day. To drink? A delicious Iced Venti Vanilla Tazo Chai (not Starbucks, just my own thing at home). Also every day.

Maybe all meals should be breakfast. Yeah, cuz we can really live on carbs, milk, and well, nothing else. Not so well.

To top it off, my oldest son is an EXTREMELY picky eater (it's a mother's curse deal). I'm a somewhat picky eater. Hubby and youngest son are easy to please.

So, if you have any brilliant summer eating recipes or ideas (no oven involved please) that don't include wildly exotic type food (ie; vegetables, garbanzo beans (eww), foie gras (we're not cows!), Moskovy duck breasts (excuse me?), emu jerkey (too costly), etc.), please leave me a comment. Links to cool websites with useful ideas or recipes are welcome too.

I need to get out of this rut. Very soon. Otherwise my poor family will be eating some form of cereal for every meal.


Gina said...

Do you have a crockpot? I have half a pork loin in mine right now. I added some chicken broth, salt, pepper and minced garlic. Later today, I'll drain most of the liquid, add some good b-bque sauce and shred it for sandwiches.

I also do Sticky Chicken in my crockpot although the skin isn't as nice as in the oven. http://www.cyber-kitchen.com/recipes/Foolproof_Sticky_Chicken.htm

Do you like sloppy joes? I have a really good recipe-e-mail me if you want it.

In the summer, we make subs frequently. Our grocery bakery has nice buns. I love these slightly toasted in the toaster oven. Add some yummy onion, tomato and lettuce and its like Subway at home.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

hmmm, sounds like you need some SOUL food honey, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, lima beans, pork chops, those types of good easy country cookin. It always gets me out of my rut.

I just posted an easy lima/butter bean crock pot recipe at my blog.

Susanne said...

A crockpot is an excellent idea. Another thing I like to do (haven't been doing so well this summer either, though) is to plan out my menu for the week before I go grocery shopping. I do better at cooking and providing well balanced meals when I have a plan. I post the menu on the fridge to keep myself on track.
God knows your heart's desire is to be a good mom...give it to Jesus sweetie, it will all be okay!

Bunny Trails said...

Gina & Susanne, yes, the crock pot is probably my number one (besides the grill) way to go. I did put a turkey breast and a roast in the frig last night to thaw. Part of my problem has been a lack of planning, which is SO unusual. I have this whole meal-planning-grocery-shopping system that works great. It's just that I've been idea-less.

The other thought I had last night was wraps. Although this works better for hubby, youngest son, and me. But it would add some variety.

Lindsey, great ideas! Except the lima bean/butter bean thing will never pass my oldest son's lips! If it's a legume, he's in the other room!! :D LOL!

Thanks for your ideas, ladies! Last night we had waffles & sausage. Yummy!! :)

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