Consistently Inconsistent

That's been one of the other titles that would be perfect for my blog. It's one of the things in my life that I lament over, kick myself around regarding, and generally am frustrated about. When I read back through my journals, I find plenty of times when I was most unhappy with myself for my lack of consistency.

But I think that my perspective hasn't been quite right.

If I were consistent - according to my own definition - wouldn't that be the same as being perfect? Isn't that quite impossible? Last I checked, there's only one man who was ever perfect and that's Jesus. I don't even come close.

I often run into the wall of unrealistic expectations. That doesn't mean I should just cross it off the list forever, not caring whether I'm consistent in anything or not. But I need to extend myself a little grace and understanding, realizing that I should be steadfast and disciplined in things, but if...no, when...I fall short, it's okay. Get up, dust myself off, and hop back on the trail. I would certainly offer the same kindness and mercy to others, so why not for me?

I just printed out a chronological Bible reading plan for next year from Diving Deeper Ministries over at the Internet Cafe Devotions. I hesitate to do that, because I know of my past inconsistencies and that causes me to sink my efforts before I even begin. Why bother? I know I'll just fail.

That, by the way, is another skewed perspective. I seem to have quite a few of them.

bible glasses bw

So I'm signing the linky, jumping aboard a year-long commitment to reading my Bible regularly, knowing full well that I won't be perfect. I will miss some days. I will get frustrated with myself. But I will just keep plugging away and forgive myself in the process. Instead of looking at what I didn't accomplish or where I messed up, I will look toward Jesus and look forward to what He has for me as I spend time in the Word, knowing that it will be glorious!


The dB family said...

I'm with you all the way! I did a read your Bible in one year a few years ago and there were a few times that I had to work very hard to catch up in my readings. It was a little overwhelming at times, but I did it! If I can do it so can you :o)!


~michelle pendergrass said...

I'm doing the Chronological this year, too! What I love right now is that we're already in Job!!! <3

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