Well, it wasn't so bad. I think it took about 2 1/2 hours, but that included a jaunt to the hardware store for a new extension cord (the kind with the flat plug-in part which fits behind the dresser) and visiting with Lucy (while cleaning).

Dresser Declutter Recap:

Cleaning supplies? Check.

cleaning supplies

Massive amounts of dust? Check.


Lovely, clean dresser? Check.


The shoebox on the left is John's stuff. I really can't sort his stuff for him. Sorry, honey. You'll have to handle that one yourself. But it's all nicely contained.

Ability to see my beautiful purple silk flowers from my mom for my 40th birthday? Check.

silk flowers

Plugged-in, functional stained glass lamp (A gift also from my mom. She did the stained glass. Thus the need for an extension cord.)? Check.

stained glass lamp

Can you believe I had that much dust on my dresser?

Can you believe I actually shared that here?

Again, this is where minimal readership is probably a good thing. Who has that kind of dust on their dresser? My goodness.

But my lamp is pretty. And visible. And plugged in.

Which makes me very happy.


MotherHenStevens said...

Beautiful! I have that much dust on my dresser from time to time ;) LOL Thanks for being real and sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great job!! :D :D AND you did it BEFORE the New Year! Bonus points for you!!! :D :D :D

Kristal said...

OK... that is a lot of dust girl! But it looks so much better!

Tracy said...

Oh my! Good thing you chased those Bunnies!

Michelle Potter said...

I probably have twice that much dust on my desk in the bedroom, along with the giant pile of junk, LOL!

The dB family said...

Well done, my friend!! I have reasons for not posting pic's of my dresser. One, I don't have one :o), but we do have a nice set of grey brown shelves though.


Nikowa said...

LOVE the lamp!

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