Catch Up Transition Preparation Week

I'm not always sure what to call this week between Christmas and New Year's. Maybe just the week between Christmas and New Year's. But it's a week of cleaning up, catching up, getting ready, and let's see how much I can possibly cram into one free week for me. I suspect I'll get about 1/25 of the things done that I'd like, but I'm kind of used to that.

unclutter-your-life-coverOne biggie (as ever) for me, is decluttering. So while there are plenty of other tasks to be done, I'm going to declutter at least one area every day this week. I have Erin Rooney Doland's Unclutter our Life in One Week, but I don't think I can to that. I just can't devote that much time to one thing when I have kids, other family, friends, and other things needing to be done. But I'm still reading the book and gleaning some useful nuggets. Perhaps over the course of a longer period of time, I can actually complete the entire book. Either that, or my family takes a vacation without me for a week. Nah. I would hate that.

So today's decluttering task is our dresser. Our very big, has shelves, and too much flat space dresser. It's an absolute train wreck and drives me crazy. Did you know that when you have too much junk on your dresser, you really cannot ever dust it. And when you don't dust, you notice that your dresser has taken on a new shade - it's no longer dark brown, but more of a dusty gray-brown. It doesn't even match the other furniture any more. Maybe if I stopped dusting the other items...

So as scary as this is, I'm sharing with you and the whole entire cyber world, a picture of the current state of our dresser:



Boy, am I glad that only 2-3 people read this blog. On a good day!

Now I HAVE to get it done. If for no other reason, to show a picture of what it looks like after the decluttering (and dusting!) process.

And when I'm done? I'm having two squares of this:

dark choc rasp

Thanks to my sister and her family. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Dang! If you get YOUR dresser de-cluttered, I may have to do ours. The chocolate looks YUMMY! A Curves member gave me 6 dark cherry chocolate kisses & 3 Ghirardelli chocolate squares in assorted flavors! I'm giving Dad the 3 of the kisses & the milk chocolate bar! Aren't I nice to share! ha ha!

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