Summer Living

What a difference a little R&R can make in a person's life. My life, to be specific. Earlier last week, I hung out at the park with the boys, their cousin, and her friend. Actually, they hung out together while I was on a blanket at the edge of the park with water, my camera, and a book. And it was gloriously relaxing. I had to scoot everything occasionally to keep some things in the shade, but an hour and a half of taking photos and reading a book was simply delightful.

Dueling frisbee game
dueling frisbees

Friday I was able to have a nice chunk of time all to myself and spent an hour in God's word at Starbucks. What a joyful blessing as He led me to study in a way I'd not done before. Then I went out to the park to pick up a whole pack of boys (or at least as many as would fit in my van). I arrived a little early, so I drove to another area of the park and walked around a couple of ponds, breathing in the beauty of the afternoon, and taking the opportunity to shoot some chipmunks, among other things. With the camera, of course.



I have felt more relaxed and peaceful this past week than I have in a long time. I believe it's because I've been able to slow down just a bit and have these pockets of downtime. I need to find a way to schedule these in throughout my life. Whether it's sitting on a blanket reading, wandering around a pond in the woods, or just enjoying God, it's so important and valuable to my well-being.



Suzanne said...

Thanks for this post. I really needed this reminder. I tend to rely on retreats or church services for the quiet time to open up to Him. This reminds me that He is always there and wants me to pause in between as well.

It is well with my soul...

Annette said...

Sounds heavenly Dianne! May you have many more days like this this summer!

Jodi said...

Beautiful photos...I could use some R&R myself! Thanks for linking to my blog! Welcome to the TOS Crew ~ FM Jodi

Anonymous said...

Good...I know you tend to get a bit too busy at times. It's wonderful when you can get little times of refreshment in between all the busyness (?) of life.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Beautiful pictures too!

The dB family said...

Amen! It sounds wonderful!


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