I Heart Faces Photo Walk

I'm excited and honored - one of my entries for the I Heart Faces Photo Walk was chosen as the winner for my city!! If you click the link, you can also see the winners for the other cities. There are some terrific photos.

pioneer museum-vintage

I selected this image because I just kept coming back to it as I looked over the selections from our group. I feel like it really captured the feeling of the old building and the history housed within. - Kristi, Colorado Springs Photo Walk Leader

Here are my other two entries:

wrought iron

In the background, you can see Pikes Peak. Also, if you go back and look at the shot of the entire Pioneer Museum, you can see these finials (I think that's what they'd be called) WAY up at the top of the bell tower.


SJINCO said...

Great photos! I can see why they picked the one they picked, it says a lot.

How'd I miss this event? I would have loved to have participated!!

Beth said...

Awesome, awesome photos!! Congrats, what a compliment to be chosen. A great choice, at that! :)


The dB family said...

Great shots!! Congratulations!!!


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