Here it is. The big tomato harvest.


Aren't you impressed? It's the first and only tomato from my garden. In all fairness, however, there are quite a few more green tomatoes out there. Hopefully they ripen before the weather gets too cold, though. We were down in the 40s the other night and more of that is on its way.


Will said...

The one great thing about our HOT summers is that I get tomatoes starting about the 4th of July and have a surplus until mid-October. I usually eat the last of the vine ripened ones about Halloween and the last of the picked and ripened indoors ones about Thanksgiving.

Here's hoping your green ones all have time to ripen for you.

Jacque said...

Same here Dianne. The weather has been so cool and the sun has stayed hidden for much of the summer, so the tomatoes are mostly still green. The cherry tomatoes have ripened faster, but we have had very few. We have ripened them in the kitchen window. Maybe we will have to do that with some of ours!

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