Most, if not all of us, live with some sort of fear in our lives. Our current national and world conditions certainly provide us with plenty of reasons for fear: job loss, disappearing savings and retirement accounts, loss of freedom to our government, terrorism, cancer, and the list goes on. Yet, as believers in Christ, we are never advised nor commanded to succumb to these fears. In fact, God tells us NOT to fear more than any other admonishment in the Bible. He knew how much we’d need to hear those words.

Whether your fears are tiny, enormous, or fall somewhere in between, doesn’t matter. When we live in fear, our eyes are off of God and onto the circumstances. Remember what happened to Peter when he took his eyes off Jesus as he walked across the water? That’s exactly what happens to us – we sink. Yet if we take God’s word seriously, there truly is no reason that we should ever be afraid. There's no fear bigger than the God we serve.

In his latest book, Fearless, author Max Lucado invites you to consider Jesus’ invitation to courage. This isn’t about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and mustering up your own courage; rather he shows you the way to trust in God Almighty, who has all power to overcome any and every fear you encounter. Imagine taking the strong hand of our Lord and walking in faith, freed from the fears which sap so much of your life. Such a life of liberty and joy is available to you.

I don’t think there is a fear that Lucado doesn’t touch upon in his book. I suspect that this will become a well-worn book over the years, one that will retain a very visible position on my bookshelf (when it's not being read).

  • Fear of Not Mattering

  • Fear of Disappointing God

  • Fear of Running Out

  • Fear of Not Protecting My Kids

  • Fear of Overwhelming Challenges

  • Fear of Worst-Case Scenarios

  • Fear of Violence

  • Fear of the Coming Winter

  • Fear of Life’s Final Moments

  • Fear of What’s Next

  • Fear That God is Not Real

  • Fear of Global Calamity

  • Fear of God Getting Out of My Box

I strongly encourage you to read this book. I anticipate that God will do wonderful things in your life through it. Check out the The Fearless Times for an interactive experience. It's a place where you can ask Max a question, find encouragement, see and read photos and stores shared by others, and even order the book.


Shelley said...

Thank you for recommending Fearless. I've been wanting to read it!

Sande said...

I reviewed this one too. Was really worth the read.

Loved the timing of it's arrival ..... my Pappa love's me :)

Pat said...

I'm gonna get this book!

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