The Remains of My Day

In some alternate reality, where I have straight hair, I might look like this. Well, with wet and recently colored hair. And blurry looking.

I'm so glad they're harmonizing! Could you imagine if they were off-key?!?


Maybe I'll go back to this. Feeling a little fickle right now.

For more hair nonsense, go here and here.


Unknown said...

We must be twins....I trimmed my bang yesterday too! LOL!
by the way, "Me gusto queso" tee hee

Jacque said...

Oh goodness. I gave up on hair styling a long time ago. Now, I am happy to find the time to have Mom or one of the girls trim it for me! Did it myself for years, and NOT doing it myself is fine with me!

I don't even care if I colour it, really. Last time I had it coloured, it was the wrong colour, and I am so glad it is finally growing out. I am happy with is clean and fresh, brushed and out of my face!

I think yours looks cute straight!
I just said to Mom I need a trim (she IS a hairdresser, after all!), and now I just have to find some time to do it!
THAT's the hard part!


Gina said...

Looks great! Do you ever wear it straight?

My hair stylist is a friend from church. She's done my hair/highlights for years. My hair behaves perfectly Mon-Sat but does all sorts of weird stuff on Sunday mornings. Today its flat courtesy of the 90% humidity Cincinnati is enjoying.

carrie said...

lurve it!

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