Not Freaking Out . . . Yet

You'd think that maybe I'd be freaking out by now. We are tentatively closing tomorrow at 3:00 (P.M. - obviously title companies aren't open at 3:00 a.m.). The house is marginally packed. I've been packing a little here and there - mostly non-essentials. There's the appearance that I've gotten quite a bit done when you look around and see empty walls, shelves, and cupboards. But there is still a LOT more to go.

Granted, we won't be moving in as soon as we close. There's some cleaning to do, particularly given that the house has been vacant for over a year. We'd like to do some painting also, but it's looking like that'll happen after we move in.

I've been incredibly random in packing motivation. I guess because everything has been so loose, I just can't get geared up about this. Not until papers and keys are in hand. And then. Then, I might just freak out. Instead, I'm sitting here, blogging about not freaking out. I really ought to do something more productive.

I did, however, sort papers while eating lunch. And talked to my mom on the phone. Multi-tasking at its finest. I'm still trying to sort and purge as I pack, but I suspect that before long, I'll have to switch to "throw it all in a box and deal with it later" mode. Until then, I'm being quite Monkish. But it won't last. Not if we start moving things in the next 4-5 days.

Unless, of course, closing gets bumped out. Which is always a possibility.

Insanity, I tell you.

{{edit to add: tomorrow is looking less likely. maybe thursday. still not freaking.}}


Anonymous said...

I LOVE buying a new house-but dislike moving. There's something about the prospect of rearranging all that furniture & "Stuff" in a new space :)

carrie said...

I'm glad you're not fweaking out.

Jim said...

Hi Dianne, moving is fun and exciting. Moving also is scary, hard work, and upsetting.

I still have some boxes I have not unpacked and we moved here nine years ago. We lived in our other house for 23 years.

Adi is a very nice dog, the residents just love her. Most everyone does. We sure do. :-)

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