It's HERE!

Yes, it's true, for all of you Scr*bble junkies out there, "they" have finally done it! There now exists (insert drumroll here):


Woo Hoo!!! Aren't you just jumping off the edge of your seats, dying to know where to get your own game?!?

Well, I am proud to say that I received it for my birthday yesterday! Actually, my sister and her family got the Super Scr*bble part and my parents got the Deluxe part. Ha! Ha! It made for a great joke last night when I was opening the loot, er, gifts.

First I had to open the package from my sister and her family. It was a really cute write on - wipe off mini Scr*bble board with scrambled words on it (see lower part of picture on the left). I got the "super" easily, but "Scr*bble" temporarily eluded me, as some of those letters can be found in "St*rbucks," and that's the direction my brain was headed. Probably because my sister works for St*rbucks. Once I moved on from thoughts of free iced chai, I was able to put Super Scr*bble together! Awesome!

Next, I unrolled a scroll of paper (see picture above left) with the following:

For You - Deluxe

Dad & Mom

The word "DELUXE" was underlined. Well, I couldn't for the life of me figure this one out. The boys are hollering out Super Scr*bble Deluxe. Only I don't really get it, because I'd only seen Super Scr*bble, but not a deluxe version at the store. It's hard to guess something that you don't know exists. But it's true - there really is a


Okay, now you get to see a picture of the board (I know, you're probably bored to tears by now - unless you're Barb over at A Chelsea Morning, my Mom, or my friends, Nan & Steve, because I know they're all Scr*bble junkies!)

The light gray part of the board (center) is the size and layout of an original Scr*bble board. The dark gray around the outside encompasses the additional squares - including more bonus score spaces and all new & exciting QUADRUPLE LETTER & WORD SCORE spaces!

And for the last picture, the very first word ever played on this lovely, new board. Although it's not terribly exciting, it still was a first. It was played by my sister - my letters were very pathetic and "ogre" would've been my best play. Sigh.

No, I wasn't standing on my head to take the picture, although that would've been quite a feat (or a head?). Actually, we attached the board to the ceiling . . yeah, that's it! I thought turning the camera upside down made sense so the word would be right side up. But it's kind of funny because now the word is logical, but the board isn't. But the word is linear and linear. Sorry, I'm getting loopy now. I'd better stop before I tread into strange and unusual territory (for you, probably not for me).


Barb said...

Oh my word, Dianne. Or words. LOL

Are you kidding me? You know I'm going to have to have this. And my birthday is coming up in August.

I had no idea this new version was out. Thank you for telling me about it.

I can only imagine how nuts my mother would be about this.

And by the way, a belated Happy Birthday to you. :-)

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I figured you'd be pretty jazzed about such a discovery! I found Super Scrabble a couple months ago at a game store at th emall. I was excited that they had gone even that far. I kept thinking about it, but never got one - good thing, since they later came out with a DELUXE verison!

The Deluxe version does NOT sit up on a lazy susan, it has ball bearings on the bottom, so you can move the board around - kind of nice because you can scoot it over in front of you. Nice when the board is SO big.

I hope you get one for your birthday, too! :D

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