Dress Me Up & Call Me Stupid

Okay, last night I did one of those things that makes me stop and say, "What is WRONG with me?!?"

I had a BOGO coupon for a DQ Blizzard. It came in honor of my birthday. I really do like cookie dough blizzards - a LOT! When you click on a DQ coupon, you ONLY have that opportunity to print. If you close that window before printing or the printer wacks out, it cannot be opened again. You get a message that in essence says you've already used this. (side note: it does say you can contact them if there are technical difficulties, but they ignore you, so that's pretty worthless!)

So here I am last night, trying to print the coupon. Only my printer and computer have not been communicating very well these days (maybe the computer is from Saturn and the printer from Pluto?!? Or not, since "they" say Pluto is not a planet any longer). In fact, sometimes my documents won't print at ALL. Last night falls into the category of "sometimes."

I try everything I can think of - turning it off, letting it rest a bit, and turning it back on. I tried the "troubleshooter" on the computer. I tried to delete it from my print queue and do it again. I tried to copy the entire coupon (ha! ha!) into a Word doc and print it from there. No such luck. I had to shut the computer OFF! Yes, that means the window gets closed and I will NEVER EVER be able to open the coupon again - it's gone FOREVER!!!!

At this point, I look at the time and realize that I have just WASTED 45-50 minutes over a STUPID coupon worth approximately $3.00 - that's THREE DOLLARS!!!!! Is that truly how little my time and life are worth?!?! Am I really SO obsessed over a free blizzard?!? Sheesh!

I just hope I learned something from this . . . I'll let you know if I did and what it is!

Oh, in an ironic twist, when I turned the printer back on this morning, it happily spit the coupon out of its queue - so I have it anyway (insert sheepish grin here).

Ha! Ha! Happy Birthday to me! Hopefully I'm not really getting stupider as I get older.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy that Blizzard...you worked hard for it. :-)

Delete said...

Congratulations on the coupon! I have never tried the cookie dough blizzard but it sounds like something I would love. Summer is almost here so I may need to make a mad dash to DQ for one of those shortly.

Happy Birthday!


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Thanks, ladies! Be warned, Jenny, they can be a bit addicting and they're terribly yummy! Lots and lots of chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough swirled around with chocolate sauce in soft serve vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm . . . I'm starting to salivate at this point. Off to DQ! :D

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