8 Random Things

Robin tagged me for an 8 Random Things meme. So, let's see how utterly random I can be today (shouldn't be too difficult!).

1. The night my husband proposed to me, I thought he was going to break up. Boy, was I happily surprised!

2. When I was a teenager, my parents and sister were saved, but I wasn't. There were occasions upon which I came home and they were gone and I was pretty sure they'd been raptured.

3. Along the lines of Robin's #1, I LOVE Dr. Pepper - NOT the diet stuff, though.

4. I am over the top when it comes to taking pictures. It was bad enough when I used film, but with digital, I can really take this obsession to a new level.

5. I'm extremely fickle about my hair which is why I don't wear it short much or for very long - I get tired of how it looks and want something different, most all the time.

6. I once broke my foot while walking - on a flat floor with flat shoes and no valid explanation.

7. I'm a Scrabble junkie! I play with my mom usually once a week or more and with my sister when the opportunity arises.

8. I don't mind washing the laundry, drying the laundry, or folding the laundry, but I am TERRIBLE about putting it away.

Oh, I'm supposed to tag 8 others to do this. What if I don't really know that many bloggers? Oh well, maybe they'll play anyway.

Ward & June
Junk in the Trunk - oh no, I was catching up at Deena's place and she's already been tagged - twice! Phooey!
Raise the Cup
Dandelion Momma

No there aren't 8 - as I'm perusing the blogs I read, many of you have already particpated, so this is it. But if you're here reading and haven't gotten to play, join in and leave me a comment. :D

P.S. - I guess if I'm going to list people, I should actually TAG them! LOL!! Although Gina read my mind already. Thank you, Gina!


gina said...

Mine is up. :-)

Robin said...

Great list! Like you, I enjoy laundry too - it makes me feel like I can put order to SOMETHING in my life!

Deena said...

I did it anyway...'cause I love ya!


but NO MORE!! I'm too pooped to play tag now:-)

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I'm with you on the picture taking thing..and digital makes it SO EASY!!!

Bunny Trails said...

The funny (or is it scary?) thing is that I've taken probably 3500 pix or so since getting my digital 6 months ago! I also still have LOTS of film to develop AND I still use film sometimes. But it's SO MUCH FUN!!!! :D

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