This Makes Me All Giddy

We have apricots!!!!!


This will be the fourth summer we've had in this house. The first year, the enormous tree on the south side of our house had tons of beautiful flowers that smelled fabulous. They lasted about 4-5 days and were gone.

The next year, the same lovely flowers returned, smelled wonderful, and were gone.

spring blossom

Only a few weeks later, I discovered a little ovalish piece of green fruit on the ground. An apricot, perhaps?

160-apricot perhaps_1

Turns out they were apricots. I was thrilled. You can check that out here.

So last year, I was very excited when the apricot tree bloomed.

But then, nothing.

I know little to nothing about apricot trees (you'd think I'd have read up on them, right?). But I have learned that if we get a freeze at the wrong time, the fruit won't be happening. I assume that's what happened last year.

We've had an incredibly mild winter this past year. The apricot tree bloomed a bit early. Colorado is notorious for bad weather in March and April. This had me a little worried.

apricot blossom-framed

And then I walked around the south side of the house and discovered little green fruit. And lots of it! While we're not beyond freezing, it's looking pretty good for my apricot tree this year. I've even been diligently watering it - juicy fruit requires plenty of water, after all.

There's a lot of fruit out there. The little cluster below is a teeny little fraction of what's on that tree. I realize we won't get to harvest all of it, but I'm sure looking forward to a nice big apricot harvest this summer!



Anonymous said...

Yummy!!!!!! Hope they don't run into any weather issues! I'll be happy to help you with your over-abundant crop!

Beth said...

YUM! Those are beautiful blossoms,t oo. I hope it doesn't freeze and ruin that beautiful crop for you all!

Nikowa said...

oooooh! If you have any extra...... ;-)

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