Meeting Lisa

Most bloggers I've met online live somewhere else. Like Texas. Very few ever make it to Colorado and I pretty much don't go anywhere. So of all the bloggers I know, I've only met a handful of them. Last year I discovered The Pennington Point blog and the woman of the blog, Lisa. Which I found out about from her designer, Karen at Simply Amusing Designs.

Lisa is absolutely hilarious, people. When I first read her blog, I laughed myself plum silly. I couldn't stop reading the craziness that is her life. She quickly became one of my favorite bloggers.

And then she joined the team at The Homeschool Post. I was pretty excited to have her join us.

She recently posted that she'd be stuck in Denver due to an 8-hour layover. Well, I surely wouldn't be a very hospitable team member and bloggy friend if I just left her sitting at DIA under the weird white jester thingies for eight long hours. So I did what any friend would do. I wrangled my mom into a trip to Denver and we headed north this morning to pick her up at the arrival curb.

Since we got there just a little early, we had to go into a holding pattern around the terminal until she was able to get her 175-pound suitcase (her words, not mine) and get to the Southwest curb. They really don't like you hanging out at the curb waiting for someone. Either your party is there or the guard will come shoo you away. Yes, I was shooed away.

The first loop around the airport, we were on our own. But for the remaining four trips, we had this very cool Jaguar to follow. I wonder if he was worried about weird stalker women in a mom van. Taking a picture of his car probably didn't help.


lisa reading

At last we found poor, tired Lisa and whisked her away for a leisurely lunch. Mom and I were pretty excited because we decided to take her to McGrath's Fish House which is a treat for us since there's not one close to home. Well, that was a bust, because apparently they've closed. Much sadness ensued for Mom and me. Even Lisa had a moment of silence for our loss.

So we went across the street to On The Border. We still had a tasty lunch, even if it didn't include prawns. It was nice to just chill out and visit for awhile.

Lisa even had an opportunity to whip out her Bible.

Or maybe it was her iPhone.

Nah. I don't think so.

After we wore out our welcome at On The Border, we headed back to the airport. But not before a quick stop with a lovely backdrop for a little self-portrait. Thankyouverymuch, La Quinta.

Pardon the grain - it's instagram.

lisa mom me

Back to the airport for our last loop through the terminal and we dropped Lisa off with her 175-pound suitcase (her words, not mine). Hopefully she was able to relax a little before heading back to Texas.

I'm happy to have another IRL blog friend and really happy that it's Lisa.


Anonymous said...

so glad you ladies had such a nice time!

Anonymous said...

It was fun! (Other than McGrath's being gone) Poor Lisa was pretty tired but hopefully enjoyed our outing. She did get back to the airport a little early and was going to try to get a little rest before the last leg of her trip!

bluecottonmemory said...

I never get anywhere either! If I ever find myself on a plane with a layover in Denver - I will definitely give you a shout out. I love this community!!! What an awesome mom you have, too!

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