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I wrote about the wonderfully efficient relationship I've had with my Franklin day planner last year. That was all well and good for many years. But I've discovered that I just don't want to carry it around so much these days. I've been looking for something lighter and leaner.

Don't even talk to me about electronic options. Not even my glorious EYEphone. {JK - I know how to spell it}

I LOVE paper and pens. But if you've spent any time here, you already know about that.

So I sort of flopped around for awhile with a planner, without a planner, with a tiny notebook, without a tiny notebook, never really satisfied with any of them. I need a calendar to keep life in order and I also need just some paper to jot down random thoughts, ideas, phone numbers, and the like.

One day I had the brilliant idea that I could make my purple Moleskine Volant into a planner-notebook-brainstorming book. And I was right.

Armed with a nice metal ruler, colored Sharpies, glue, and a piece of ribbon, I transformed the simple Volant into my secret weapon for staying on top of things (aka SWFSOPOT). I was afraid to post about it right away, because what if it didn't work? What if I didn't like it? What if it became another in a long line of it seemed like a good idea projects? But that didn't happen. So I'm at last willing to commit this to the blog.


Each page covers a week. I don't need loads of space for appointments, because there just aren't that many most of the time. But I do want a system where I have room for other notes, tasks, and ideas. So I left myself some space at the bottom of each page to accommodate those needs.


In case this notebook wasn't big enough to handle an entire year PLUS the randomness that makes its way onto paper from my brain, I only created a six-month planner. As I get nearer to June, I think this might actually make it an entire year. So I might to ahead and create the July - December pages. If not, that's okay, too. Fortunately, these lovely Volant Moleskines come in packages of two color-coordinated notebooks. This purple book has a lovely lavender friend. And they're only $12.95 a pair. Not a bad price in the world of day planners and calendars.

Of course, there's the ever-important page marker. I nabbed a piece of pink ribbon from my scrapbook supplies, dabbed some glue onto the end, and pushed it down into the spine.


In case I want to plan on getting out for any full moon shots.


As you can see, I make good use of a weekly page.


This notebook is 5 x 8.25" so it won't fit in a small purse, but I carry a bag that's big enough to handle it quite well.

Last, but not least, is the pen. Because you know, I'm all about the pens. And the paper, but Moleskine has lovely paper, so that's all copacetic.

The pen is from Jet Pens (of course!) because that's pretty much the only company from whom I purchase writing instruments these days. Just a quick little shout out - they are AWESOME! They have terrific products, ship super duper fast, and fabulous staff. You just can't go wrong with them, imho.

This particular pen is a Pilot FriXion Retractable Gel Ink Pen in Violet. When it's erasable, you don't have to just stick with a pencil. It's the latest and greatest in erasable ink. Only it's not like those old, smeary erasable ink pens from the...80s? 70s? Sometime. It erases with friction. And that funny little end at the top? That's the eraser. It works supremely! And it writes supremely! It is my new favorite supremely awesome pen. It comes a a plethora of colors and sizes, too. Sadly, they are out of stock on some right now, but you can sign up to be notified when they're back.


The only thing that's missing is a way for my pen to stay attached to my planner. Right now, I just slip it inside and clip it over the cover. That works for the most part, but I think I'll be adding something to it. Either to this one if I extend it through the end of the year or the lavender, part 2 version.

So there you have it - my personal Moleskine planner hack. If you haven't found something that works for you, give it a try!


Beth said...

I'm definitely a paper and pen (or, rather, pencil) kind of gal, too! Love how you made that work for you. Looks great.

Anonymous said...

Looks very nice & efficient too! Maybe you could start a business! Cuz I know you need morr to do!


Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

Looks great! I'm all for touchy feeler planners, and slim ones are a fabulous option. :)

Melanie Harvey said...

They make a stick on pen loop from this company in Germany, and frankly, I think they could be a DIY project. http://amzn.com/B004ST6IDW
Crazy expensive! But... Maybe a piece of Velcro and elastic? :)

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