Catching Up

Wow. Life has sure been busier than normal. Ever since August, I've been on the go and generally quite occupied with this and that.

  • Trip to Breckenridge & Glenwood Springs
  • 25th Anniversary
  • New year of homeschool
  • Ladies retreat in Buena Vista
  • 1st trip to Denver - Women of Faith with Pam
  • 2nd trip to Denver - taking Pam to the airport and picking up nightstands from a friend
  • 3rd trip to Denver - David Crowder Band concert with the girls
  • 4th trip to Denver - Casa Bonita, Lego Store, and other such fun with my sister, nieces, and the boys
  • Messed my knee up in self-defense class
  • 5th trip to Denver - photowalk with D, hurt my foot
  • Shot a wedding yesterday and my knee went out

In addition to the regular stuff of life. I don't think I've been out of town more than a handful times in the past year. Apparently I saved it all up for these two and a half months.

From what I've read about having a torn meniscus, I'm thinking there's a very good chance that is what is wrong with my knee. I had problems with it last year, but after some chiropractic care, kinesio tape, and massage therapy, it got better and life went back to normal. A couple weeks ago in self-defense class, it made a loud popping sound during a front kick. It wasn't terribly painful, but I was aware that my knee wasn't really okay, so I made an appointment with the orthopedist. Of course, I can't get in until closer to Thanksgiving.

But then last night at the wedding, as we went outside to shoot the First Look, it just went out. And this time it did hurt. A lot. I was totally blessed with a last-minute wedding photographer joining me and she was such a huge help. Both because I often couldn't move fast or well and she graciously shared her knowledge and expertise. Thanks, Briana, you rock, my friend!! I can't wait to see your pictures, too.






I'll be calling the orthopedist tomorrow to see if I can get in any sooner. A cancellation, perhaps? I sure hope so. It's quite uncomfortable to walk and maneuver stairs.

In the meantime, there's homeschooling, photo editing, and house cleaning to do. No more Denver trips planned for now. Time to settle in and start thinking about the holidays soon.


Gabriel said...

Great pictures as usual, Dianne!!! I hope you get well soon, hopefully you will get an earlier appointment...

kayerj said...

what an interesting wedding! I hope you get that knee taken care of soon.

The dB family said...

What a fun, beautiful, and different wedding! I'm glad you were still able to shoot although you were in pain. You did a fantastic job!


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