Mother's Day

mothers day

It was a lovely Mother's Day this year. I was able to sleep in while John cleaned the kitchen and dining room for me. We had lunch at his mom's and all of his siblings were there, which is always loads of fun.

We made a quick stop at the grocery store for frog eye salad ingredients and headed home. The only thing I had to take care of was making the frog eye salad. We already had some steaks and bacon-wrapped chicken for grilling and my mom and sister brought the rest of our BBQ dinner (chips, broccoli, and cookies).

Getting some vitamin D for Mother's Day, while reading Crunch Time.While John was cleaning up the grill and patio (first use this year), I was able to take in some Vitamin D and relax with the latest Diane Mott Davidson book, Crunch Time, something I don't get to do terribly often.

Everyone came over and we had a lovely, enjoyable evening on the patio. The weather today was absolutely perfect. We never got the winds that had been predicted. John handled the grill and the rest of the dinner was simple and delicious.

No filter. I also super love our blue skies in Colorado.

Once everyone went home, I hung out with the guys while they watched River Monsters. Not my favorite show, personally, but they love it. I kept my nose in a magazine whenever the creepy critters show up onscreen. LOL!

All the way around, it was a nice and relaxing Mother's Day.


Beth said...

Glad your mother's day was so nice! The weather this weekend was gorgeous! We, however, got all the wind :)

The dB family said...

Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like a great one!


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