Hair Groove

As much as I thought this would be a progressive posting project, it wasn't. No matter. Back in January, I started the process of helping my hair be curlier which I shared in this post. Here's a shot of my hair the day I bought the book. Rather undefined and sort of frizzy. Not awful, but not what I wanted, either.

before hair

After the first week, I saw some definite progress. It turns out that many of the things I'd been doing to my hair for years are totally wrong for curly hair. So I was my hair's own worst enemy.

day 8 pic

I've still had some up and down days with a little more frizz than I want, but for the most part, I seem to have accomplished that which I set out to do.

A shot from this morning:

Curly hair experiment results

Interestingly, I'm actually happier with my hair than I've been in years. I've always been so incredibly fickle - wanting my hair to look different every few days, if not sooner. I've been wearing my hair the same way since the end of January. That's over THREE MONTHS! That has to be an all-time record for me.

Perhaps I've found my groove.

Follicle-y speaking anyway.

My hair groove.

One groove down.

271 more to go.



The dB family said...

Dianne, it's beautiful!! I'm having hair envy -- although I have to say, I quite like how my hair is behaving these days too. Enjoy your hair groove!


Beth said...

super cute!!

Bobbie said...

Your hair is so beautiful!

Nicki Woo said...

Love your hair! Now can you come over to my blog and help me with mine???

You have a great smile too :)

kayerj said...

I do like the curly on you :)

Anonymous said...

You are living my dream! I've always wanted curly hair - and your hair is just how I would want it! It looks gorgeous!

Nikowa said...

Your hair looks fantastic!

Dana said...

It's beautiful, Dianne! I have sort of curly hair, but the curls are underneath and it's straight on top which really just makes it look like I haven't brushed it. Perhaps I should try something a bit different, too.

Life in a Barn said...

Oh Wow! Its beautiful! Great hair groove. I need your secret though. My daughter has curly hair and I do not know what to do with it.

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