The Birds

The birds of our neighborhood have taken an interest in us this year. More than just we like you cause you give us birdseed interest. They now stare in the windows at us. They've been on the window ledge in the living room, perched on patio furniture peering in the sliding doors, and then this.


I was sitting at my desk, working in peace and quiet, when there was a thud on my window. I turn to see what it was and this robin was sitting on a branch which was bouncing up and down from its rather heavy landing. I think the robin whacked into my window! What in the world is going on here?

Yesterday, one of the little finches was perched on the same window ledge, peeking in the window while the boys and I were doing Bible. This is getting very strange. The bird feeder has been empty for a little while, but I refilled it. And the robins never get any food there anyway, since they're so large.

But this? This is just weird. I am not inviting them into my house.

Although the cat might enjoy it.


Miss_Rachel said...

Beautiful! I miss seeing all the birds from Indiana. There are some neat birds here, but they are not the same thing as the ones at home. Enjoy those robins for me, will you? And any other 'homey' birds too? :-)

Unknown said...

Very nice! Looks like a little robin, unless that is actually what it is ha

Beth said...

We just had a bird fly into our window yesterday--it seems to happen a lot in the summer. I guess the windows reflect the sky so well--but it's not because they're so clean!! lol!

The dB family said...

We had a few birds hit our windows too -- even a red-tailed hawk!!! Happily no casualties have been reported :o). Robins are one of my favorite heralders of spring.


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