Monday on Friday

This week began with me in overwhelmed mode. Something I've learned, though, is that if I continually recount the enormous list of things I need to do, I make myself feel worse. So the first thing here is to smack myself upside the head and knock it off. Secondly, if there's that much going on, it's probably a good idea to do a big old brain dump. Grab a notebook and write down everything whirling around in my mind. You know, before it floats away from my colander brain. Once those things are on paper, they're far more manageable.

brain dump

Ahhh . . . so much better.

new shoesBefore I could begin my list, however, my dad showed up with some shoes that Mom was getting rid of, so I could take a look and see if I wanted any of them. Well, of course I did! My mom is the only reason I ever have any cool shoes. Her hand-me-downs are the best!

My particular favorite pair in this batch? The red shoes. Are those just the most fun or what? I promptly wore them for the rest of the day and every single time I looked at my feet, it put a big old smile on my face! Who knew that happy red shoes could diminish one's feeling of overwhelmedness?

Not only did I get new shoes, but he was on his way to the thrift store and took my four bags of donations with him. I definitely got the good end of that deal!

I even had to share them instagr.am and Facebook.

Happiness is red shoes!

We also made a quick Starbucks run so the Comedian could use his gift card. They were a little slammed, so I had to play some more with instagr.am while in line. Like taking totally blown-out pix of myself from the afternoon sun.

This was also the same day that John's truck broke down. Even though it's never a fun thing, it could've been so much worse. Fortunately, he was in town and only a block away from his last customer's house. He also knows a lot of people, including someone with a towing company, so we got a killer deal on the tow. Yes, we have towing on our insurance, so we'll get reimbursed. But still. The weather was decent, which is always an iffy proposition in Colorado in early April. He waited for the tow truck driver, then went to do the job, and I greeted his truck when it arrived home without him. Then I headed across town to pick him up when he was done. John's Snap-On guy brought him a tester Tuesday morning, so he was able to determine that it was the fuel pump, bought a new one, installed it, and was back on the road by lunch time. It is a wonderful thing to be married to such a handy man!

I was going to post about my entire week, but by the time I finished with Monday, it seemed that it might be a good idea to just stop here. Goodness. What a day. But thanks to my new red shoes, I got through it with a happy face.


Beth said...

My, what a busy day! Love those cute shoes, cute shoes really can brighten an entire day :) You are very fortunate to have such a handy husband. They all have their gifts, don't they, but the handy ones are sure convenient (not to mention a $$ saver!)

The dB family said...

This post makes me smile. Amazing how busy days can be good days when approached with a smile and a wickedly cool pair of shoes.


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