Last Week, Part 2

While it was a busy, somewhat overwhelming week, there were certainly some blessings thrown into the mix.

I had a massage appointment on Wednesday. Always a good thing.

We went to see a local high school perform Beauty and the Beast. Friends of my sons' were in it. One was the Beast and the other Maurice. It was a fantastic performance and we thoroughly enjoyed having front row seats.


On Friday and Saturday, I participated in another Creative Live class with Jasmine Star. It was an incredible class. So much information to process and consider. I'll be reviewing my notes and thinking about this for awhile. What Creative Live does is just amazing. They offer an assortment of classes mostly related to photography, but also a few other areas. If you watch the class live, it's free. If you want to purchase the downloads, they're available at a discount while the class is taking place. Once the class ends, the price goes up. Although, even at the full price, they're still very reasonable. While watching the class, you can participate via Twitter or the chat room, so it's quite interactive. It's just a remarkable experience and you should check it out to see if there's a class you might like to watch.

Friday evening was exciting, because the UPS driver brought this to my door:
new lens

That's the Happy Camera News.

The Sad Camera News?

sensor spot

We'll be making a trip to the camera shop this week. This is definitely not okay.

Today we visited my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, made a trip to Best Buy and Borders, I cut Zach's crazy mop of hair (he seriously doesn't like it when it flips out under his hat!), had a DQ Blizzard, and watched Merlin. Pretty decent family day. My favorite type.

As much as I still have a lot to wrap up tonight, I'm thinking I'd better head to bed. I need the sleep more. Sweet dreams.

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Lolli (aka Lisa) said...

I have a Canon Rebel XSi; when I look at the photos I've taken there is a black spot on them all on the left side. So do you think that is the sensor issue you mentioned here? If so, what is the way to handle it?

Thanks and be richly blessed today and every day,

Lisa Syler (aka Lolli)

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