All in One

I mentioned the latest addition to my photography bag the other day.

new lens

Here's what it looks like when you have 18mm - 270mm in one lens.

tamron - 18mm

tamron - 270mm

Pretty handy, I think.


Beth said...

Love it! I'm getting one similar, although not quite the range (18-105mm) and I can't wait!

Shawntele said...

Wow - double wow!

I am dreaming of the day I am able to purchase my dream camera and am adding that lens to my wish list! :D Have fun!!

The dB family said...

WOW!!You will have a LOT of fun with that baby!


Anonymous said...

I have been struggling, getting all that detail in any shot - coveting? LOL - No! Putting it on my list? For sure - e-mailing your post to my guy! LOL Give him some hints for my birthday/anniversary!

Tracy said...

Very cool...but my net one is the same but 70-270 2.8!

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