I Heart Sewing

singerI remember my mom teaching me how to hand sew sometime around age 5 or 6. When I was in 6th grade, she helped me make my first outfit on the sewing machine. Ever since, I have been sewing. More or less. I purchased my own sewing machine, a Viking, around the time I was 18-19. I took out a loan for a blue 74 Honda Civic and the sewing machine. I've actually since parted ways with the Viking because I inherited my grandmother's Singer. I even have the conditional sales contract my grandpa had to sign to buy it on TIME back in 1960. This machine predates even me. Because my grandma didn't do much more than mending with it, it was definitely a low-mileage machine. They even purchased the cabinet at the same time.

I made a lot of my own clothes for years. I also made a lot of my sister's clothes, as evidenced by the time I was at her apartment, took a look in her closet, and discovered that I'd made more than half her wardrobe. When John & I were engaged, I made my wedding dress and veil. As challenging as that was (really, it was more about the time it took), the hardest thing I ever made was a tailored, lined suit for him. Yeah, I really bit off more than I could chew on that one. That story is a part of my It SEEMED Like a Good Idea series (entirely unposted at this time).

But once we had our second son (17 months after the firstborn), and I worked full-time, there was really no time in my life for sewing anymore. Especially since we lived in a somewhat small house, with no room to keep my sewing machine set up. If I wanted to sew, I had to clear off the dining room table, haul out the machine and accoutrement, and then get going. After the boys were asleep. And chores were done. By the time I could get it out and set up, it was time to put it all away. So I packed it up and put away. For a very long time.

When the boys were younger, I did make a couple of costumes for them for the Harvest Festival on Halloween at our church. Sorry, those are on film, not digital, so I'll need to scan some before I can share.

purse2But during the past few years, I've sewn some purses, a number of little organizer bags, a fabric flower pin, and now a camera strap cover. And my love of sewing has been rekindled. I really do love to sew. I really want to sew - a lot. But now I enjoy making accessories. I'm not that interested in clothes anymore. At least not to sew. I still like to wear them.


139-fabric flower

little purse-2

I don't know what's in store for me with this new sewing bender, but I would love to find a nice little niche within which I could sew something fun and perhaps sell some. But it's hard because there are SO many people out there doing precisely that. How do you discover a niche with places like etsy and Big Cartel? I need to keep praying and see what God would have me do with this desire. If it's from Him, He'll show me the way. If not, then I'll stick to making things for myself.

So have you ever had something in your life that you loved and did for a long time, and then it got set aside, but you later came back it, only to discover that you still thoroughly enjoyed it? (how's that for a ridiculously long run-on sentence?!?) What was it? Do you do it now?


Lorraine said...

I am sewing challenged. Most I've ever done is a few patches for my hubby's Navy uniforms, and maybe some hemming or mending. I did make some blankets for the kids once, and a curtain. That just highlighted the fact that I can't even sew a straight line.

But... I did try to be a digital Scrapbook designer once I discovered a love for creating kits in Paint Shop Pro. I will tell you that nothing killed that love faster then trying to sell my work. It got frustrating trying to compete with other designers and make my name known. I wound up quitting several years after I started. The only benefit I had to the whole endeavor - I had been able to deduct the expenses for a new computer and Photoshop (yup. I upgraded. Now I wonder how I ever worked in PSP).

I quit designing about 3 years ago. A side effect to designing was that not only did it kill my love for design, but for scrapbooking as well (I have only ever Digi-scrapped). I also had never made enough money as a designer to make it worth all the stress and hassle.

Recently I started scrapping again. I did some photos from my sister-in-law's wedding. I've missed scrapping. I'll have to build some time in my day to scrap. *S*

Anonymous said...

I remember you starting an outfit in the evening and wearing it to work or school the next day! Also the beautiful prom dresses you made! Gunny-Sacks (Jessica McClintock) were popular at the time and you did several of those. It's nice to see you sewing again and see your creations.
mothra :-)

The dB family said...

I've been trying to figure out if I can carve a niche for myself in the creative world too. The only thing is, I'm still not sure what I want to do when I grow up ;o). Your creations are beautiful. Does it cost money to have an Etsy site? If not, why don't you set one up anyways, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Anonymous said...

oh I'm so envious (ahem again, yes). I can barely sew on a button!

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