I Heart Red

Edited to add: Now I am sad. Not because I wasn't chosen, but because I didn't get a chance. Our modem crashed so I had to scramble to get my pix onto a flash drive, put it all on hubby's laptop, upload, and post from there, only to find out that the comments were CLOSED! It just said to enter by 4/2/10. Well, it still IS 4/2/10. They didn't put a time or time zone cutoff. I can't believe I missed it. How sad. 

It is SO much fun to find new photog sites like Beyond Snapshots, run by Rachel & Peta. The cool thing is that each brings unique experience to the site to help and inspire others. I'm definitely enjoying their Tips & Tricks section.

Not only is Beyond Snapshots a very fun site, but they're giving away a red Lola epiphanie camera bag. This bag is beautiful and I really, really want one. Really.

So here's the dealio: I have to post something RED to enter the contest. To win the bag that I so desperately want. What better red to share than Cherry Kisses?

cherry kisses2

cherry kisses

If I won this bag, I'd have to carry some of those kisses around with me to share.

Which would make people smile.

Which would cause me to whip out my camera and take their picture.

Which would make me smile because I had won the bag.

Did I mention that I really, truly want this bag?

Cause I do.

Pretty please, with a cherry kiss on top?


Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Oh those photos are lovely. So sad you didn't get your entry in. :( I've never heard of cherry chocolate kisses. How do they taste?

I gave up chocolate for Lent. What a challenge and opportunity to reflect. Whew!
Love your photography. What creativity. And I'll cross my fingers that you snatch up the next prize.

Michelle said...

I heart everything red-especially burgundy!

Beautiful photos.

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