Fried Modem on Friday, Other Thoughts, and a Photo

Our modem fried Friday night. Hmmm...that has an interesting alliteration to it. Anyway, other than bumming hubby's laptop and blackberry tether program and some limited cell phone updates, we were mostly internetless this weekend. And you know, it really wasn't so terrible. Mostly. It did bring to light the fact that I need to have a slightly better back-up plan for bills and bank balances and such. Going green and paperless is groovy and all, but what happens when you have no internet? You can't just pop online and check balances and such things.

The other thing? It's really nice NOT being online so much. Of course, now that I have to play catch-up, I'm actually on more. My friend, Emily, is limiting herself (and her family) to 30 minutes two times a day online. I'm not sure what my limits will be...yet...but I definitely need some.

In the meantime, I'm nearly caught up (again) with my 365 Project. I have a couple more days' of photos go post and I'll be back on track. Actually, I was, and then we had our Modem Fry. And no, I do not want fries with that.

This has nothing to do with anything. But I really don't like posting without a photo. It's sort of like chicken enchiladas without sour cream. They're okay...just a little lacking. This is from one of our apple trees. Maybe this year we can find a way to keep the squirrels out of our apples. Yeah, right. They trashed ALL of them last year. We didn't get a single good apple. They were all on the ground with a bite or two out of them before they could ripen. And we have four apple trees. BTW, I just LOVE our blue skies here. This shot is SOOC (straight out of camera) - no editing whatsoever.

apple tree bud

It's too windy in Colorado lately. I've had quite enough, thankyouverymuch. Buh-bye, wind. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

We went to see How to Train Your Dragon this afternoon with some friends. It was loads of fun. Not in 3-D, though. Thank you to the theaters for further raising their crazy prices. No wonder we wait for movies to come out on DVD.

I think that's about it. Must be, cause it's time to go to bed. G'night.


kayerj said...

I enjoyed being offline all week last week--sometimes ya just gotta have a break. I did browse your pictures (great as always) but I didn't comment much as their was such a backlog in the reader. I mostly just scrolled through.

The dB family said...

Our apple trees look the same! We have no squirrels out in the country. We're too far out, I guess. On the odd occasion we see one, they don't hang around. Our apples suffer the fate of worminess though. I make apple sauce with them. The apples that is -- preferably not the worms :o).


Anonymous said...

sprinkle cayenne pepper on the branches.IT WORKS! Even if I'm a squirrel lover I know that it works!

- you guess who this was

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