PSA - Back Up Often


mem card

error msg

Fortunately, my very good friends (below) have my back. I had uploaded all my pix just the day before that dreadful message appeared. I only lost a couple of shots that I had just taken, which could be easily replicated. I also have another memory card on hand. Though being down to one doesn't feel very good. I'll be picking up another one very soon.

wd hard drives


Beth said...

Oh no!! thank goodness you have back up! Very scary.

The dB family said...

Eeek! I'm so glad you back up stuff regularly. We had to learn the hard way!


PS I didn't know we had to brand our blogs too. Ack! more to do!

carmilevy said...

Happens to the best of us. I try to offload my pics every chance I get. I keep at least three cards with me when I'm on the go...and have lost count of how many times redundancy has saved my behind.

The good news is cards keep getting bigger/cheaper. So every time we go out to buy a new one, we end up with a way larger one. That makes data management so much easier.

Molytail said...

What are those little square things? I wonder if they're the same as the little 'stick' thing I bought the other day... It dawned on me that I should have my photos in more places than *just* the computer and memory card, so I'm putting them on this stick-thing & then I'm also gonna make some cds. :-)

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