I know what they say. They say to never write on your blog about how sorry you are that you haven't been writing. They say you just move on, write something, and don't draw attention to your slackerliness inability to get anything posted besides Wordless Wednesday photos. So I won't.

Thursdays are a little crazy around here for us. The boys participate in a homeschool, pardon me, junior bowling league Thursday afternoons. So we have to have lunch on the early side and be out the door on time. Especially since I have to get to the bowling alley early enough to snag a strategically-located seat in order to watch both my boys. Particularly if they're bowling at opposite ends of the league lanes. Occasionally, we'll grab a bite out for lunch on our way to bowling, which means we have to leave even earlier.

Since research has shown that teenagers, especially teenage boys, aren't terribly alert in the mental department early in the morning, I let my boys sleep in. This is one of the beauties of homeschooling - I can work with their biological tendencies. This particular Thursday, they're sleeping in a little more than normal. But I figured that might be a good thing, especially since 1) ClayGuy has been sick this week, is finally getting better, and the rest helps him heal, and 2) The Comedian was up at almost midnight last night puking up his dinner. No, I did not cook it. That was courtesy of Jack In The Box. It's an ironic twist, though, because he's the one who was majorly craving some meat - a hamburger, specifically. So he's pretty much the reason I picked up JIB last night. Since there wasn't anything in the beef department around here to eat. Apparently his burger and onion rings preferred not to stick around, though. So a good night's rest seemed in order for him as well.

Thanks to the bartering system, I get free massages every three weeks from the best massage therapist on earth. I wash her sheets each week in exchange. The sheet drop and pick-up is made on Thursdays, after bowling. That means they need to be washed and folded before we leave. Of course, you'd think that would mean that I'd actually do this ahead of time. Like have them folded and ready to go by Wednesday evening. Because that would be efficient and make all the sense in the world. However, since I live in the great Land of Inefficiency, I prefer to finish drying them and folding them on Thursday morning, when we're scrambling to get some school in and get ready to head out the door (bowling ball? check. bowling shirt? check. socks? check.). Living in the Land of Inefficiency also means that I typically need to stop and get cash at the atm on the way to the bowling alley. Because getting it ahead of time would mean that I couldn't live there anymore. I'd be exiled.

We also get together with friends often on Thursday afternoons. And today, the kitchen is a mess. I need to go to the bookstore to pick up the next book in a series we've been reading. I know, everyone has these kind of days. The rest of my week is a little more...well, balanced, I guess. But not Thursdays. I've taken to calling CrazyBusyDays. Fortunately, bowling covers a good portion of their homeschool time, cause we sure don't have a lot of the rest of the day to accomplish a lot. We'll still get our Bible time in, plus a little more. Or we'll make it up in the remaining four days of the week. Because only so much can be squeezed into CrazyBusyDay.

Late night update: since it IS CrazyBusyDay, it's only appropriate that we ended up not being home until after 9:00 tonight. In a last minute change of plans, we were able to attend the Patsy Clairmont show. Which was quite enjoyable, even if it did mean a very long day out. And then there's men's skating to be watched. I'll get some sleep, I'm sure of it. Eventually.


Jacque said...

Loved reading this. Loved getting it into my Inbox.
They don't know everything about everyone, and they, I believe, would tell you over and over to "be yourself" on your blog. So this is yourself. :) I like it. That's why I read.

Hope your guy got to feeling better. I know how sickness throws a wrench into things (especially right now I know).
One thing I learned to appreciate when the girls got to their teens was the flexibility I had to let them sleep in. I agree that they sure do need it more than a different way of educating might allow. Of course, with (lack of) schedules around here, we tend to be up a little (a lot) too late.

I hope you all have a blast at the bowling alley each week. It was a highlight of my childhood, and I still smile at the fondness of the memories.


The dB family said...

Your Thursdays are my Mondays. Not a great week to start the week -- except that on Tuesdays I can already breathe a sigh of relief. Regardless of the busyness of it, your Thursdays sound like a very fun day.


The dB family said...

Way to start the week -- not week to start the week :oS.

Unknown said...

Hi Dianne, I saw your comment above mine at Pioneer Woman this morning and I came over to say hi : ) I thought your blog title sounded so cute. Hope you have a great week of not to crazy busy days : ) At least Thursday happens only once a week! LOVE that you barter for a massage. Brilliant!

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