Sometimes I just can't come up with a title. Of course, that's really the least of what I can't come up with right now. Having a cold seems to impede my ability to access any creativity, be it behind the lens, in my writing, or some catchy title. That is, of course, not to say that my other titles are catchy. Sometimes I go back through my old posts and think that I should have done a better job of naming them. Although I suppose it's not as bad as some of the names my kids used to come up with. When they're real little, you get to do the naming. Then they get a little older and they want to name everything based upon the physical attributes of the thing being named. Like Brownie, Reddy, Fluffy, and so on. For awhile, it's kind of cute, but sometimes you just want them to come up with something better. Like Ralph. Or Rutabaga. But I digress.

I'm not sure from whence I digressed because there doesn't appear to have been any point to this post thus far. Perhaps that's why it shall remain nameless. Given that I've been so lax about blogging, it's unlikely that many will read this. And those who do can just quietly click away, with no obligation to comment. Because what could they possibly say? "Gee, that's a lot of space to take up for no reason, whatsoever," or "You're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything. When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed," or maybe just, "Mort, could you shut up a little?"

Which brings me to my next point. Or is it my first point? Or does it really matter? Let's turn this drivel into a contest. One that may actually be entered by a whopping two or even three people. Which means that your odds just went WAY up. The second two possible comments in the previous paragraph are actually quotes. I know exactly two people who would each know what one of them is from. But is there any chance that any one person knows both of them? If you want to take a stab at it, send me an email at bunny dot trails at yahoo dot com. Just put QUOTES in the subject line. Of course, I don't want this in the comments section, because if someone knows one and not the other, one of the other two commenters might take advantage of your knowledge.

You probably wonder what the prize is, don't you? If you've even read this far. And if you have, well, kudos to you for following my nonsensical stream of consciousness babbling. No, you don't get a prize. You just get to find out what the prize is in case you enter.

And the prize is...

If no one is anywhere near close, I could give a hint. One quote is from a song. The other from a cartoon. Oops, I just gave the hint anyway. But that's all the hinting you'll be getting from me.

Since it shouldn't take long for two to three people to read and comment (or perhaps less people), I'll keep this open until Wednesday night. That's Wednesday, the 24th of February, at 10:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (cause that's my time zone, after all). And then I will draw from the correct answers. You can leave a comment as well, but no answers there. Not even guesses. But feel free to say whatever is on your mind. As long as it's family-friendly. Or me-friendly. Otherwise, it will be trash-friendly.

Oh yes, the prize. Since it's easy to obtain, simple to mail, and fits in anyone's purse or wallet, how about a $10 Starbucks card? Unless, of course, no one gets both answers right. Then if I just draw from everyone who entered, we'll make it $5, as a consolation prize.


Thanks for joining me in this almost-completely-pointless-post-turned-into-a-contest. Have an awesome day. Or night. Or something.


Tracy said...

Ok, so I read the WHOLE nameless post! BUT I have no idea where the quotes are from...so I get no prize!


Beth said...

No idea on the quotes....I'm terrible wtih that kind of stuff. Adam is the quoter in our family. Sounds like the winter is starting to get to you a bit? Maybe? Me too. Why must I be so ready for spring so far ahead of when it will actually be here?

Gabriel said...

I know one quote (oh, the benefits of being a fath...shhh)! :-)

I'm emailing that one while I try to figure out the other.

Anonymous said...

Hrumph!!! I don't have any idea of either one. Phooey!!!

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