A Miracle

Their voices carry easily up the seven stairs to my room where I work on the laptop. I hear them discussing phylum Firmicutes, Gracilicutes, and Tenericutes. I hear spelling help - "How do you spell Scotobacteria?" I also hear burping. But that's beside the point.

My boys are working on their Biology TOGETHER! They're NOT fighting, bickering, or otherwise causing trouble. They're doing this entirely on their own! You must understand that in our homeschool, this is nothing short of a miracle!

I will stay up here in my room and remain very, very quiet so as not to disrupt this amazing moment in our homeschool. The laundry and dishes can wait. As can my errands.

Thank You, Lord, for bringing this little miracle moment into our day!

These two angels? Bicker and fight?


Nah, never. Maybe monkey around a bit, though.



Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

OH YAY! What a great blessing in the middle of a homeschooling day. :)

Michelle said...

Great pictures of the siblings ;)

kayerj said...

love those miracles!

Carla said...

Every now and then you get a glimpse, and if your very quiet, you just might recognize it. Thank you for reminding me of the ones I had, and still have with my love ones:)

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