Left Hanging?

I suppose I should answer the question from my last post. But first, a story.

Last Thursday, it was very cold and many of the roads were icy or snow packed. It was a great day to stay home. Until 7:30 at night. When you decide that you really don't want leftovers and you know that you have a free meal at Noodles. Which expires in one day and there will be no other opportunity to use the coupon. And it would be a travesty to allow an entire Noodles meal to go to waste. Right? So you call the restaurant to see if they're even open, which they are, although they're closing 2 hours early - at 8:00. So we hustled on out of here, picked up some dinner at Noodles, and popped in at Game Stop real quick across the street before heading home.

While sitting at Game Stop, you look at the tasty dinner in to-go dishes awaiting you on the dash and think, "Hmmm . . . interesting picture!" And it is.

mystery bag

To be more specific, there was a dish of macaroni & cheese, buttered, seasoned noodles, mushroom stroganoff, and pesto cavatapi. It was most delicious. And one of them was free. Bonus.

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Miss Rachel said...

AHHH!!! I see. :) very good!

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