What to Write?

I think there has been so much stuff bouncing around in my brain that I can't locate the creative cells. In any way, shape, or form. I want to create. I want to go shoot some awesome photos, write something touching or hysterical, or do some scrapbooking. Or something. But the well is bone dry.

What do you when you come up empty? Not just in writing and blogging. I'm a little restricted in photography because I can't find my battery charger. I'm on the second battery, so when it's dead, it's all over. Sadness, indeed.

Writing? I was supposed to write a devotional for the The Homeschool Post last night. I had nothing. Big, fat, zippo. Praise God for Ann at Holy Experience for graciously allowing us to post something from her archives.

My own blog? I have a few things started, but nothing comes together. And here I am, mostly connected to the internet and all. You'd think after all that time of disconnectedness, I'd have a TON of ideas rolling around, waiting to be tossed up onto the screen. Nope. I think they're hiding in a box. Somewhere.

So for now, I'll leave you with this silliness from a couple of weeks ago.

hmmm...like that third arm?


Robin said...

I know that dry place well! Don't worry, it will pass - we all go through it.
And the photo's are hilarious!

Beth said...

Love the pics. I always find it really hard to get back on that creativity wagon after being off it for awhile. I do my best writing and "work" while "on a roll", so to speak. Don't worry, it will come back. Just start. That's my advice, and you'll see it coming.


Phyllis@Aimless Conversation said...

Ahh, the silliness that moving brings on. =)

Sallie said...

Dianne, Everything you write is worth reading!! I'm sure something will come to you soon and then you probably won't be able to stop the flow :-)

Love the pictures, btw!!!


carrie said...

silliness indeed!

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