I'm Back, sort of

Whew! Well, a lot has happened since I last posted. First being that I've had no internet access, short of going to a public wi-fi location. With all the moving of stuff, the opportunity just never came up, though.

So here I am, chilling at Starbucks with the boys and blogging.

We interrupt this program to bring you a quick Wordless Wednesday photo break.

45 minutes later...

Gee, I wrote a lot, didn't I? I caught up on some email, read some blog posts, caught up on twitter, chatted with Carrie, and some other stuff. But this post? Not so much. But tomorrow might just be the day.

The day I have a landline and DSL at home. If not, I'll come back to Starbucks. But now it's time to go home. Back to the clean, pack, unpack, sort, put away routine.


Anonymous said...

What??? You went to Starbucks without me???


carmilevy said...

Our ISP had a major outage last week and we were without Internet, cable and phone service for close to a day. My BlackBerry became my lifeboat, but even that is a pale substitute. You can sorta scrape by with the basics - a bit of e-mail, a bit of blogging, a bit of web surfing for online research - but it's a real chore trying to get real, heavy duty work done. I admire your ability to reconnect even as you go through a huge move.

Hoping you get reconnected quickly. Starbucks is great in a pinch, but it ain't home.

Robin said...

Moving takes more work and energy than people imagine. Welcome back - and hey - what a great excuse to go to Starbucks!

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