Pancake Lessons

While I'm a wife and mother, I don't really blog much about the other three members of my family. I'm not sure why that is, so I've been thinking maybe I'll share a little of them with you all.

Our oldest, ClayGuy, is 14 1/2. He's a creative and caring young man. He enjoys sculpting miniature clay creations. He's also a big Lego fanatic, plays his share of video games, and likes to bake.

Our youngest son, the Comedian, just turned 13. He's all about jokes, humor, and anything remotely or potentially funny. He'd love to model his life on Calvin & Hobbes. He has an amazing memory with which he continues to surprise me. He's a voracious reader and it's a challenge to keep him supplied with new (previously unread) books. He's also big on Legos and video games.

My boys are just under a year and a half apart and just like many brothers, have a tendency to antagonize, irritate, and generally bug one another. Some days more than others. Many days more than others.

While the strife makes me crazy at time, it makes the times they get along well that much sweeter. A couple days ago, the Comedian wanted pancakes for lunch, and I wasn't really inclined to make any. ClayGuy has been making pancakes for quite some time, so he conceded to help out his little bro.

It was so wonderful to have half an hour or so of peace and cooperation! It was also nice to have lunch prepared - and not by me! I think it even tasted better.

The cookbook:

The recipe (complete with my notes & comments):

ClayGuy instructing the Comedian:

ClayGuy at work:

The Comedian takes a turn:

Mmmm, yum - lunch!

p.s. - that's a yummy peach-berry smoothie next to my milk; complete with protein powder and fresh ground flax seed.


carrie said...

that looks awesome. i can't wait for those days.

Unknown said...

Can I have breakfast with you guys? That looks great!

Cyndy said...

Wow! What a blessing when they are getting along isn't it? And BTW I'll take a couple of those cakes and a little of that smoothie please :).

Unknown said...

Hope it's ok, I added you to my blogroll. :)

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