Date Light Revealed

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday is a shot of the light fixture over our cozy booth at On The Border. Hubs & I were blessed to have a date night a couple of weeks ago when the boys had a junior high game night at church AND we had a $25 gift card to OTB. Great night and an interesting photo.


Anonymous said...

Whew, between the UBP and my kids FLU, I haven't had very much time.

Just dropping back by to say thanks for popping over to my blog. And I must say, that Scrabble board is mammoth. I am trying to teach the kids to play as hubby doesn't like it. I figure it counts for both spelling and vocab. Alas, you can't really get a good game going on words like, GUM, MUD, SOME, AT. All first words entered on the board in recent games...sigh

Cindy Swanson said...

Wow...we don't have "On the Border" here, but my husband ate there twice on a recent trip to Arkansas, and he loved it! Great picture. :)

Thanks for encouraging me by commenting on my blog!

carmilevy said...

I love the shot! It's got such an industrial feel to it. This is precisely the reason why photography jazzes me so much: because you never know when you'll take or view a picture that makes you feel good down to the depths of your soul.

I know it sounds weird, but a great photo represents catharsis to me.

This must be one of those coated bulbs, because I can't see the filament, and the light emanates only from the top. I used to have one on my desk lamp to prevent glare. Problem is, they run kinda hot (I learned the hard way!)

These days, compact fluorescents dominate my illuminated life.

BTW, sorry for freaking you out with my evil stare in my last WW post. I promise this week's won't be so wacked out. I hope you'll drop by on non-WW days, too: I'm decidedly calmer with my photography the other six days of the week!

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