Colorado Climate

There's nothing like the ever-changing weather in Colorado, especially this time of year.

On Saturday, this was the necessary gear for a beautiful, 70 degree, summery day.

The very next day, this was the required gear for a snowy, wintery, 30 degree day.



carrie said...

crazy indeed. blech.

Michele Moore said...

Yesterday here the temperature dropped 37 degrees in 28 minutes. But, we never get snow. My kids would LOVE it. My husband however, lives here BECAUSE it never snows. He would like to live his whole life without driving on ice or shoveling snow.

I am glad the cold is not gone though. I am just imagining all the little summer time bugs dying cold little deaths in their little bug lairs and I giggle evily. I hate bugs. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel you, when we lived in Germany it eas like that at times. BTW love the sun glasses.

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