Mission: Accomplished, mostly

Well, my 2-3 hour copy job turned into about 3-4 hours on Friday, a couple more Sunday night at home, and some 7+ hours today. GOOD GRIEF!!

On a happy note, I DID get the newsletters copied. I also got the pdf file uploaded to our church's website. And I was able to complete and print the flyer announcing the changes. Lastly, I dropped off the newsletters with a printing business who can do the binding portion of this - much faster and more efficient than I can do it.

The one last, little piece is that I'll have to pick up the printed copies tomorrow (most likely) and deliver them back to church. And that's it. I'm actually done.

Okay, almost done. Rats. I still have a letter to send out to the writers. But the letter's done. I only have to print and mail them. That sounds fairly simple after the past few days.

Ha! Ha! Famous last words.

And now for something completely different.

Hubs & I are going to see the Toby Mac, Jeremy Camp, and Matthew West concert on Thursday night!! I got him tickets for Christmas (although I get to benefit, too!). Should be fun and awesome and cool and some other good adjectives!! We're really excited!

I don't know what else is going on this week - school, catching up, and whatever else shows up.

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Anonymous said...

Your concert will be wonderful, I am sure! I love Jeremy Camp and Toby Mac is always fun, fun, fun to see!

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