Nominations are Open

The 2007 Homeschool Blog Award nominations are now open. There are 23 different categories (wow!) from which you can choose. Please understand that I'm not posting in order to get nominated. Bunny Trails is SO not a homeschool blog. In fact, I've probably written about homeschooling all of five times in the past fourteen months.

I am posting, as a member of the HSBA team, in order to get the word out. Maybe this will afford you an opportunity to go check out some homeschool blogs. If you don't know where to start, there are links to winners of previous years at the HSBA site. The other great place to find homeschool blogs is at Homeschool Blogger. I think one of the things I enjoy about Homeschool Blogger is that I'm never afaid to click on their "random blog" link. I can't speak for everyone else, but I haven't ever come across anything inappropriate.

I hope that maybe you'll find something encouraging, inspiring, informative, or just plain fun as you go peruse some great homeschool blogs (there are a lot out there!). I also hope you'll nominate those that you think are worthy.

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