Mystery Disks Revealed

We play cards (Liverpool Rummy, mostly) with my parents on a fairly regular basis. In case you aren't familiar with Liverpool Rummy, you can end up with a LOT of cards in your hand, resulting in a rather tired and cramped hand. Hubby & I were at a local game store and saw these seemingly nifty card holders. Since they were only $1.99, we decided it was worth taking a chance.

(for the record, this is not a lot of cards)

Amazingly, they actually work quite well as card holders. There's styrofoam in the center of the plastic disk and your cards go between the two pieces. Relieves the hand strain and keeps the cards snug but not too tight. Not only that, you can set your entire hand of cards down and they stay neat and orderly. We've even found some fairly creative ways to stand them up.

We were all quite pleased with the functionality of these colorful little disks, but little did we know that they would offer some wonderful hilarity following our card games.

It began with the simple act of rolling them across the table at the disks of each other. Then we discovered that we could actually "shoot" them across the table - at other disks as well as other people. They REALLY take off, too! Pretty soon, we're having full-on disk wars with these things flying ALL OVER THE PLACE! They'll run up someone's arm, ricochet off another disk, or go winging across the room. As one soars off the table, we'd look in the direction it was headed, only to find that it had apparently done an about-face and was on the opposite side.

If I wasn't laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe, I might have tried to video tape this entire adventure, but I doubt I'd have gotten anything recognizable. So go get some of your own. Have some fun!


Gina said...

So that's what those were! Neat idea. Our kids have a tough time playing card games because they can't hold all the cards. Maybe not true for Son anymore because his hands are huge. I'll have to look into these. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Yup! I'm sure I laughed off at least the pie I ate for Thanksgiving! So they're also a good diet aid!
Mom :-)

Amico Dio said...

Wow! How neat! I missed the guessing game but I know I would never have guessed that they were to hold playing cards.

TheNormalMiddle said...

Very neat idea...we're big spades fans around here! :)

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